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Soulful Escapes is a Melbourne based business catering for clients from all over the globe.


Both our Hosted Escapes and Anytime Escapes, are created with three key principles in mind and are the values we carry into all of our travel planning.



Each Escape will have a focus on the spirituality of the destination. 

This could be explored through opportunities for meditation, discovering and learning about the religion and culture of a place, visiting temples and sacred sites,  or simply spending time in nature.

Discovering the pulse of a destination and the sense of connection to something greater than ourselves is a key intention for us



Each Escape will include heartfelt experiences, whether it’s connecting with new friends, meeting local people, taking time for yourself or interacting with the children

you meet along the way, all designed to open your heart to the experience of travel.   

A Soulful Escape must also include opportunities for you to take time out from your daily life, to “just be”, to sit, read a book and take a breath.



Above all else there will be time for Joy. A Soulful Escape will make you laugh out loud, play like a child and bring a smile to your face.

Whether you’re throwing colour in India during Holi, cooking a delicious meal after a market visit with local women, experiencing your first African sunset, or travelling through the jungles of Sri Lanka watching majestic elephants, a Soulful Escape will bring you countless moments of Joy!

Jo Langhorne – Founder

Jo’s first memory of travel was when she was 6 years old and relocating with her family from Northern Ireland to New Zealand. 

Looking out the window of an Air New Zealand plane somewhere over the Pacific, she got a sense of what it meant to get on a plane in one country and get off in another. 

From that moment she was hooked. After a short stint as a teacher, she followed her love for travel by joining the travel industry and relished in a 20 plus year career as a travel consultant, travel trainer, manager and business owner. 

One thing has remained constant, that being the love of discovering somewhere new.  Since the moment she looked out that window, she has travelled to over 50 countries, some more than once, and holds a special place in her heart for India, to which she has travelled many times. 

With credentials and skills in Career Counselling, Life Coaching and Meditation, Jo discovered a way to bring all her passions together, that being travel and personal development, in the form of Soulful Escapes.

Jo - Taj Mahal.jpg

"I’ve booked thousands of holidays for people over the years and I’ve witnessed and experienced the ability for travel to truly transform you.  It removes you from your comfort zone, asks you to be fully present and offers an education like no other. Anyone can book a hotel, flight or tour, but that offers a one-dimensional experience. I created Soulful Escapes to offer clients something more meaningful. Whether they are travelling on a Hosted Escape or one of our Anytime Escapes at a time that suits them, the experience should be sincere, heartfelt, seamless and match who they are.”

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